Concrete Scanning and concrete coring in florida

Safe2Core Florida

Concrete Scanning
Concrete Coring
Utility Locating


Concrete Scanning

Structure Markup
Our Markings are
Clear, Legible
& easy to understand
Client's choice of:
tape or paint

High Rise &
Commercial Projects

Crescent Heights
Scanned 5000 Sq ft
on floor & ceiling
as part of complete

Structure Markup

As part of the scanning process
we markup the structure
so you staff
Can clearly see where
it is
safe to drill

Concrete Coring

Scanning and Coring
as part of the plumbing
& Electrical infastructure.
Post tension cable location
Rebar location
Scan & core more than 600 bores
for plumbing
& electrical contractors

Fort Lauderdale

Concrete Scanning to Locate
Electrical Conduits.

Residential Projects

Concrete Scanning for Large
and Small residential projects.
We are the preferred Scanning
company for many of the
contractors on Fisher Island